Andrew Santella is the author of about sixty nonfiction books for kids. A partial list follows.

Kentucky (Children's Press, 2008)
Building the New York Subway (Children's Press, 2007)
Air Force One (Millbrook Press, 2003)
James Monroe (Franklin Watts, 2003)
Lewis and Clark (Franklin Watts, 2001)
Henry Hudson (Franklin Watts, 2001)
Daniel Boone (Children's Press, 2002)
Jacques Cartier (Heinemann Library, 2002)
LaSalle (Heinemann Library, 2002)
The Capitol (Children's Press, 1995)
Jackie Robinson Breaks the Color Line (Children's Press, 1996)
Baseball (Rigby Interactive, 1997)
The Battle of the Alamo (Children's Press, 1997)
Mount Rushmore (Children's Press, 1999)
The Chisholm Trail (Children's Press, 1997)
Marie Curie (World Almanac Library, 2001)
The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (Children's Press, 1998)
The Cherokee (Children's Press, 2001)
The Lakota (Children's Press, 2001)
The Apache (Children's Press, 2001)
The Inuit (Children's Press, 2001)
The Hopi (Children's Press, 2002)
The Navajo (Children's Press, 2002)
The Aztec (Children's Press, 2002)
The Cheyenne (Children's Press, 2002)
The Plymouth Colony (Compass Point, 2001)
George Washington (Compass Point, 2001)
Thomas Jefferson (Children's Press, 1999)
Illinois (Children's Press, 1998)
Illinois History (Heinemann Library, 2003)
Illinois Plants and Animals (Heinemann Library, 2003)
People of Illinois (Heinemann Library, 2003)
All Around Illinois (Heinemann Library, 2003)
Uniquely Illinois (Heinemann Library, 2003)
Illinois Native People (Heinemann Library, 2003)
Impeachment (Children's Press, 2000)
September 11, 2001 (Children's Press, 2002)
James Madison (Compass Point, 2002)
John Adams (Compass Point, 2002)
Jimmy Carter (Compass Point, 2002)
The First Thanksgiving (Children's Press, 2003)
The Mountain Men (Children's Press, 2003)
Chester A. Arthur (Compass Point, 2003)
James Buchanan (Compass Point, 2003)
Millard Fillmore (Compass Point, 2003)
Rutherford B. Hayes (Compass Point, 2003)
Gerald R. Ford (Compass Point, 2003)
Martin Luther King, Jr. (Compass Point, 2004)
The NAACP (Compass Point, 2004)
The Boston Massacre (Children's Press, 2004)
The Persian Gulf War (Compass Point, 2004)
The Seven Years War (Compass Point, 2004)
Navajo Code Talkers (Compass Point, 2004)